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, por Repórter Brasil

Ambientalistas querem parque nacional para conter expansão da soja

Por Antonio Biondi, do Centro de Monitoramento de Agrocombustiveis

Oeste da Bahia é palco de movimentações pela criação de parque nacional no Cerrado da região. Agricultores familiares e comunidades tradicionais sofrem o impacto da chegada de grupos do agronegócio - inclusive estrangeiros
Jornais e revistas da mídia que acompanham o cotidiano do agronegócio registram (...)

, by Foreign Policy in Focus

Zimbabwe: Sanctions and Solidarity

Zimbabwe is currently the subject of sanctions designed to pressure Robert Mugabe and his colleagues to cease human rights abuses and remove other barriers to democratization in the country. Yet despite some recent positive developments — such as the appointment of independent commissions on (...)

, par BOND Patrick

Comment se remettre de la gueule de bois de Copenhague

Ce texte, publié originellement en anglais par The Socialist Project/The Bullet, a été traduit par Anne Le Meur, traductrice bénévole pour rinoceros.
Copenhague a révélé que les grands pays du Sud se rendaient volontairement complices des pays riches dans le crime climatique. Pourtant, l’espoir (...)

, by Himal Southasian

Casteing about

Over the centuries, the poison of caste has been variously sung about, lamented, protested, outlawed and adjudicated in this region. During that time, the economic and cultural foundations of – and, most of all, the religious sanction for – this abhorrent practice have all been sculpted to (...)

, by IPS

New Software Could Outwit Tehran’s Censors

While the Iranian government has intensified its aggressive efforts to expand Internet filters, Austin Heap, a young programmer in the U.S., says he has developed software that would enable Iranians to evade their censors. Read (...)

, by The Hindu

Burning baskets of shame

The Safai Karmchari Andolan, a grass roots movement by conservancy workers is working towards banishing the inhuman practice, with admirable success. This practice of ‘manual scavenging’ is the worst surviving symbol of caste untouchability in India. It drives people into this degrading daily (...)

, par AISF

Israël doit mettre fin au harcèlement infligé à un défenseur des droits humains

Amnesty International demande aux autorités israéliennes de mettre fin au harcèlement infligé à un défenseur des droits humains dont la détention qui dure depuis une semaine a été prolongée ce mercredi 12 mai 2010.
Ameer Makhoul, citoyen palestinien d’Israël, a été arrêté lors d’une descente effectuée à (...)

FSM 2011 à Sénégal : « L’Afrique de la base doit être présente »

Sergio Ferrari, Le Courrier + E-CHANGER

L’échec de l’éducation sur le continent révèle une pédagogie élitiste, estime Joséphine Ouedraogo. Pour la dirigeante d’ENDA, le Forum 2011 à Dakar peut être le lieu d’un rapprochement entre intellectuels et secteur populaire. Dans l’esprit de Joséphine Ouedraogo, les défis immédiats posés aux mouvements (...)

, por Programa de las Américas

El estado de impunidad en México

Al dar vuelta en una curva en una remota carretera del sureño estado de Oaxaca los observadores internacionales de derechos humanos, encontraron el camino bloqueado por rocas. Decidieron que seguir adelante sería peligroso, pero no sabían que dar vuelta, sería mortal.
Cuando las camionetas (...)

, by Frontline

Sardar Sarovar Project ‘The struggle cannot be over’

MEDHA PATKAR, the 56-year-old leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), is fighting what she calls the “final battle”. After close to three decades of protests against the damming of the Narmada river, she is battling against the Gujarat government’s attempt to raise the height of the Sardar (...)

, par CETRI

Le Brésil de Lula : un bilan contrasté

Cetri, Vol. XVII-2010/1

Au terme du deuxième et dernier mandat présidentiel de Lula, et au-delà de son extraordinaire popularité, quel bilan tirer de ses huit années à la tête du Brésil ?
Les commentateurs ne manqueront pas de souligner les acquis du « lulisme » : une santé économique impressionnante, des indices de (...)

, by The Hindu

At healthcare’s fountainhead

A success story from Tamil Nadu in the field of HIV-AIDS prevention and control, involving education and communication paradigms that bring about changes in healthcare-seeking behaviour. The project’s innovation was the engagement of “high-risk group members” as community health personnel. This (...)

, by Himal Southasian

Internationalising Lanka

From the LTTE to the Sinhala chauvinist forces, the Taliban to the forces of Hindutva, we have seen reactionary and rightwing forces attack our communities, but why is our solidarity and mobilisation against such reactionary forces so limited in the region? We have seen the onslaught of (...)

, by Eurozine , Index on Censorship

Cyber wars

While the role of technology in the political struggle in Iran and elsewhere should not be overstated, it should not be underestimated either. The "next generation" controls with which authorities aim to manage the Internet mark a shift from heavy-handed filtering to sophisticated multi-pronged (...)

, by Tehelka

See No Evil Hear No Evil

Activist Kitiry Roy’s arrest is a reminder of shrinking democratic space, says Thusha Mittal. His crime — holding a public hearing; holding the State accountable; attempting to hold the Constitution to its best face. In the FIR against Roy by the Anti-terrorist cell of Kolkata Police, the above (...)

Bridging Partition: People’s Initiatives for Peace between India and Pakistan

Smitu Kothari and Zia Mian with Kamla Bhasin, A H Nayyar and Mohammad Tahseen (eds.), Orient Blackswan

Over the past three decades, in the shadow of hostile nationalisms fuelled by radical Islamic and Hindu politics, military crises, a runaway arms race, nuclear weapons and war, an amazing set of civil society initiatives has been taking root in India and Pakistan. A citizens’ diplomacy movement (...)

, by Tehelka

Building Stone Scarecrows

Nonviolent rights activits in Gujarat are being branded maoists and jailed, reports Parvaiz Bukhari. Dangs is the smallest and perhaps the most scenic Adivasi district of Gujarat. As you soak in the beauty and breathe the fresh air, Ashish Pawar, a young Adivasi activist acting as a guide, (...)

, by Tehelka

Lead, Kindly Light!

Inder Sidhu travels to a remote Rajasthan village where rural African women are learning new skills to transform their lives back home. The Barefoot College NGO’s ‘solar engineer’ programme teaches semi-literate and illiterate women from the continent’s rural communities how to build and maintain (...)

, par BEAUDET Pierre

Le Brésil de Lula, huit ans plus tard

En 2002, le Brésil surprend le monde en élisant à la présidence de la république un ouvrier syndicaliste. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, fondateur et chef du Parti des travailleurs (PT) est en effet emblématique d’un grand mouvement populaire qui a déstabilisé la dictature au tournant des années 1980. Par (...)