Health: The Challenge of Improving Nutrition

, by Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net) publishes a spotlight on the challenge of improving nutrition in the developing world.

More than a billion people in developing countries suffer from malnutrition, increasing the risk of disease and death, and reducing long-term economic productivity and development. But malnutrition is entirely preventable and science provides a wealth of information on how to tackle it. The challenge is turning this knowledge into action.

This spotlight provides a series of articles and commentaries written by experts from around the world that:
 explain the underlying causes of malnutrition from poverty and economic shocks to climate change;
 highlight the role of micronutrients in preventing infectious disease;
 reflect on lessons learnt from strategies to prevent malnutrition in the developing world;
 ask what developing countries must do to put scientific knowledge into effect; and
 provide advice to policymakers on the ground.

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