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  • Sri Lanka: Rising from the ruins Le Sri Lanka se relève de ses ruines

    Résumé en français : Trois ans après la fin de la guerre, la réconciliation demeure un rêve lointain alors que le gouvernement sri lankais et (...)

    , by Frontline

  • Sri Lanka: Lessons learnt? By R.K. Radhaskrishnan

    Post UNHRC resolution, the theme of “betrayal” and “conspiracy” has taken centre stage in the country.
    Ever since the guns fell silent in (...)

    , by Frontline

  • End of Emergency By R.K. Radhakrishnana

    Two years after the LTTE’s decimation, President Mahinda Rajapaksa proposes the lifting of the state of emergency in Sri Lanka.
    A day (...)

    , by Frontline

  • Vicious killer By Vidya ABHAYAGUNAWARDENA

    The landmine is a morally outlawed weapon, and it is time now for Sri Lanka to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty.
    SRI LANKA’S protracted (...)

    , by Frontline

  • Tide of protest

    Fishermen from Tamil Nadu are abducted on the high seas and tensions rise across the Palk Srait. The Tamil Nadu fishermen’s troubles in (...)

    , by Frontline

  • Post-War Reconstruction in Sri Lanka. Prospects and Challenges By D Herath, K Höglund, Prof. M Schulz, and Prof. K Tudor Silva, ICES, Colombo, 272+xvii pp

    The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) launched its latest publication on Post War Reconstruction: Prospects and Challenges (...)

  • Sri Lanka: A year after

    The political topography of Sri Lanka has changed beyond recognition since the military defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (...)

    , by Frontline

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