What Amazonia Does the World Need?

Seminar organized by the Forum for a new World Governance and IBASE, Rio de Janeiro, May 2008

Although Amazonia is a concentrate of all possible dangers, not only
to its inhabitants but also for the planet’s ecological balances, it also
represents a territory for life and the future. The game is not over. In
this dawning of the twenty-first century, it is poised to become one of
those essential places where humankind will find the biological, political,
and cultural resources of a new world governance and of a new
relationship with the biosphere and among all peoples, founded on dignity
and solidarity.

Here is the challenge: to place Amazonia in the debate on building
another world, a world of social and lasting justice, of equality and diversity, of citizens’ rights to shared responsibilities.

 Read the Proposal Papers "What Amazonia Does the World Need?" (pdf, 25 p.)