Burma: Halt in hostilities?

By Larry Jagan

, by Himal Southasian

Burma edges towards peace.

Hopes of an end to the world’s longest-running insurgency were raised in recent days, as several ethnic rebel groups entered into ceasefire agreements with the Burmese government. The most important of these took place on 12 January, when the Karen National Union (KNU) signed a truce with government representatives. This is a potentially significant step towards peace, as the KNU has been fighting for independence from the Burmese government for more than six decades. ‘This is a historic event, though it is only the first step in a long process,’ said David Htaw, one of the leaders of the KNU delegation, who attended the signing ceremony. ‘The people have experienced the horrors of war for a long time. I hope they’ll soon be able to fully enjoy the sweet taste of peace.’

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