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, by APCNoticias

Software: free West Africa?

So as to play a part in the information society, free software could drive the computerisation of West Africa. But although migration to free software may be a development alternative, it first has to transit via organising the world of developers and navigate through the interests of (...)

, by GenderIT

The fight against female circumcision in West Africa transposed on the internet

by Sylvie Niombo

Sylvie Niombo, APC-Africa-Women Co-Coordinator, examines a role of information and communication technologies in the fight against female circumcision, a harmful practice carried out on over a hundred million girls and women in West African countries. She explores ’shadow areas’ through a closer (...)

, by AMARC International

Freedom of Expression is a Fundamental Human Right

Résumé en français : Dans cette déclaration à l’occasion de la Conférence mondiale des télécommunications internationales qui s’est tenue à Dubaï du 3 au 14 décembre 2012, l’AMARC rappelle que "la radio doit d’être d’accès universel, gratuit et anonyme, et que l’accès au spectre pour les radios communautaires (...)