Software: free West Africa?

, by APCNoticias

So as to play a part in the information society, free software could drive the computerisation of West Africa. But although migration to free software may be a development alternative, it first has to transit via organising the world of developers and navigate through the interests of governments and the private sector.

The use of free software in West Africa would represent an opportunity to reduce the digital divide with the South. This approach galvanises developers who innovate freely. They are compensated each year by the African Conference of Free Software Users (Rencontre africaine des utilisateurs de logiciels libres).

The appropriation of free software is proving to be a source of employment. It gives rise to competition and a mastery of technology by locals. “When a bug is noted, it is corrected by the community,” explains Karim Koné, IT administrator at the University of Ouagadougou. Read more