Voluntary simplicity

« The voluntary simplicity is a social movement which gathers people who chosed to simplify their existance to favor a better quality of life. Those choices are based on very different motivations, in response to issues such as debt, stress and crazy runs, overconsumption, ecological crisis, loneliness, and lack of social solidarity. On the social level, it’s a school of thoughts which advocates for concrete actions for a sustainable society based on social justice, united communities and a necessary respect of nature. On the personal level, it’s about finding a balance in one’s life so as to reduce the material and non-material chaos which obstructs people’s life and distract them from their basic aspirations.” [1]


[1Serge Mongeau, The voluntary simplicity, more than never …, Montréal, Editions Écosociété, 1998, quoted from Glossary of politics of ethic and responsible purchases: http://www.rinoceros.org/article5605.html