The STEPS Centre

Who benefits from GM crops ? Will we have enough water to last this century ? What are the implications of the HIV/Aids pandemic ?

In an era of unprecedented social, environmental and technological change STEPS (Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability) is linking environmental sustainability and technology with poverty reduction and social justice.

We are a global research and policy engagement centre, funded by the ESRC, bringing together development studies with science and technology studies.


The STEPS Centre is a new interdisciplinary global research and policy engagement hub, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. We aim to develop a new approach to understanding, action and communication on sustainability and development.

By acknowledging the interactions between social, technological and environmental factors in diverse local settings we aim to create more sustainable, socially just and favourable conditions for the poor.

Uniting development studies with science and technology studies, we seek to address two vital global challenges :
 how to link environmental sustainability with better livelihoods and health for poor people
 how to make science and technology work to reduce poverty and increase social justice.

Based at the Institute of Development Studies and SPRU Science and Technology Policy Research in the UK, we have partners in China, India, Kenya and Argentina.

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