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This is a tool for shared comprehension, documentation and information, so as to debate concepts. The Lexicommon is a glossary that aims at being multilingual and multicultural.
The concepts exposed here are related to the causes, the issues and innovative solutions in the face of the "convergence of the crisis". They offer a new way of looking at things in order to foster and renew socially-aware practices, to accompany research projects, to help civic involvement and public action evolve. It is intended to be open to discution and critical contribution.

  • Whistleblower

    « Mere citizen or scientist working in the public or private field, the whistleblower finds themselves, at a certain point, facing a (…)

  • World governance

    In a context of globalization and sharp increase of interdependences – in a global scale – between human societies and also between (…)

  • World governance index

    The World Governance Index (WGI) is an indicator that allows the evaluation of world governance (taken in the sense of “collective (…)