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People’s Struggles in India

, by Intercultural Resources

The following set of articles, entitled “People’s Struggles in India,” documents a variety of facets of social movements in India. The movements are set in different regional contexts – the militarized Northeast of India, urban spaces, forests and coastal areas – and document several kinds of (...)

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New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa

, by Pambazuka

Produced in collaboration with the ETC Group, this special issue presents a range of articles discussing the staggering developments in bio- and nanotechnology and the alarming implications for the African continent and the global South at large. Firoze Manji and Molly Kane outline the sheer (...)

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India and climate change

, by CED

India was a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as far back as June 1992 and it acceded to the Kyoto Protocol on 26 August 2002 but it came out with its National Action Plan on Climate Change only in July 2008; and that too in such a great hurry, so (...)

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