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, by NACLA , DUDA Nyki

“Somos Sur”: Mapuche and Palestinian Chileans Stand in Solidarity with Gaza

Latin American leaders are split on Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. But in Chile, the Palestinian diaspora - the largest one outside the Middle East -, Indigenous communities and others have come together to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Demonstrators waved the Mapuche Wenufoye and Ancient Mapuche flags alongside Palestinian flags, next to a banner that read: “Our resistance has no limits.”

, by The conversation , LUNDGREN Svante

Nagorno-Karabakh: the world should have seen this crisis coming – and it’s not over yet

As a result of the Azerbaijani attack on the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh on September 19 and the forced exodus that followed it, this region will soon be empty of Armenians – for the first time in more than two millennia. This was a tragedy that could have been avoided : the global community and its institutions, including the EU, arguably let Azerbaijan get away with its military adventures, which only spurred the country on.

, by New Mandala , CHEN Li-li

Queering LGBT rights in Timor-Leste

On 19 April, Timor-Leste held the second round of voting in its 2022 presidential election. According to the preliminary result by the Technical Secretariat of Electoral Administration (STAE), former Nobel laureate, former Prime Minister between 2006 and 2007, and former president between (…)

Watch the roundtable presenting Passerelle Collection’s n°22

"Democracies Under Pressure. Authoritarianism, Repression, Struggles"

You can watch here the roundtable discussing the latest issue of Passerelle Collection Democracies Under Pressure. Authoritarianism, Repression, Struggles, which was held online on Wednesday, May 19th 2021 on ritimo’s PeerTube account.

, by MASSIAH Gustave

Getting out of neoliberalism

Neoliberalism is in crisis but still dominating. Position concerning neoliberalism plays a major political role. We could confirm it recently in all countries of Maghreb and Machrek. After 2011, the new cycle of struggles and revolutions has offered and is still offering great hopes. They (…)

Good catch, bad catch

Bonne pêche, mauvaise pêche

Les pêcheurs se sentent désormais dévalorisés dans leurs savoirs du fait de l’introduction des nouvelles techniques (chalut, sonar, GPS). Rares sont les pêcheurs qui encouragent leurs enfants à travailler dans la pêche. Quand leurs revenus s’améliorent, ils incitent leurs enfants à étudier. Le (…)