What next for Egypt?

by Lakhdar Ghettas

, by CETRI

If there was ever a better time to read ‘Egypt: The Moment of Change’, a book edited by Rabab El Mahdi and Philip Marfleet which was launched in front of a packed audience at SOAS in 2009, then it is now. Made up of chapters by eight Egyptian and British academics, it catalogues the explosive situation which has existed in North Africa’s most populous country for many years. ‘Egypt: The Moment of Change’ highlights problems including social injustice and governmental corruption. It also focuses on the way capitalist interests backed up by the security state have subjugated workers’ interests at the grassroots. Islamism and the standing of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s President, in the world are also, of course, considered. The conclusion of the book is a pertinent ‘What Next?’ Dr. El Mahdi, who co-directed the work, warned that the most dangerous time would be the ‘moment of change’ when Mubarak’s regime starts to crumble under the weight of inherent contradictions accumulated over three decades in power. We are now witnessing that moment.

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