About ritimo

75 centers opened to the public to provide information and take action.

For more than 35 years, the ritimo network has been gathering spaces and organisations in France (documentation and information centers, resource sites, media and online documentary film projects…), collectively committed to a project of citizens’ mobilisation for international solidarity.

Our main mode of action is the collection, selection and dissemination of a critical and diverse information from varied sources, focusing on the expression of citizens, NGOs and social movements from all over the world.
The Ritimo network is part of the alterglobalisation movement, in the sense that it looks for, experiments and shares alternatives that contribute to building a fairer, more sustainble world, one that is more respectful of human rights. We also take part in global justice coalitions in France, as we relay and share, locally and nationally, various action and opinion campaigns, while we develop common projects together with other civil society organisations and progressive media on an international level.

The Ritimo network…

  •  Provides the general public with information on international solidarity and sustainable development issues in 70 documentation and information centres throughout France. Ritimo also hands out information on how to take action locally as well as globally, in France or on an international level.
  •  Organises events and training sessions on education for citizenship and international solidarity, for different kinds of audiences, particularly students.
  •  Shares a large range of critical and diverse information from varied sources, produced by our network members or coming from social organisations, networks, researchers, journalists or common citizens from all around the world. Our website offers many in-depth analysis on international issues, as well as a bibliographic catalogues and educational tools, an activist organizer, ideas to take action and get involved...
  •  Supports organizations and activists around the world so as to enable them to share their experiences, approaches and positions by writing them down.
  •  Gives incentives to organisations, networks, movements and media from different countries to share their online documentary resources through different tools (the main one being the search engine Scrutari), and discuss common work issues.
  •  Participates in a collective reflection, at the national and international level, on the role of information as a tool of social transformation, and also on the link between media, NGOs and social movements both in different countries.
  •  Promotes the appropriation and use of digital tools for citizens’ initiatives, locally and globally.