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  • Marque

    Signe servant à distinguer les produits d’un fabricant, les marchandises d’un commerçant ou d’une collectivité. Il existe une distinction (...)

  • Boicoteo

    « Un boicoteo es una serie de acciones económicas y/o sociales concertadas dirigidas a un individuo, un grupo, una empresa o una nación, (...)

  • Precautionary principle

    According to the fact that “precaution means caution in action”, we can define the precautionary principle as the application of “a rule (...)

  • Resilience

    Resilience is a polysemous concept, originated from physical dynamics (assessed as the time spent to come back to a normal situation (...)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Since « a company can succeed in expanding and contributing to the well-being of the society at the same time”, the Social Responsibility (...)

  • Green revolution

    Implemented in the 1960’s, it aimed at increasing the productivity, in particular through the growth of irrigation and the diffusion of (...)

  • Citizen sciences

    "The citizen science can be defined as the participative and combined effort of research, analysis and public education pursuing the (...)

  • Voluntary simplicity

    « The voluntary simplicity is a social movement which gathers people who chosed to simplify their existance to favor a better quality of (...)

  • Civil Society

    Group of social movements, associations or mere citizens, independent from the State and the market, acting in the City (at a local, (...)

  • COP

    Rio de Janeiro, 1992 : le Sommet de la Terre voit l’adoption de la Convention-cadre des Nations unies sur les changements climatiques. (...)