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Environmental and social movements in India and Colombia

, by MENON Manju

My presentation of 15 articles are on the subject of environmental and social movements in India and Colombia. Through them, I have attempted to show the immense environmental pressure caused by a development model that is based on economic growth. The rhetoric of economic progress being a (...)

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People’s Struggles in India

, by Intercultural Resources

The following set of articles, entitled “People’s Struggles in India,” documents a variety of facets of social movements in India. The movements are set in different regional contexts – the militarized Northeast of India, urban spaces, forests and coastal areas – and document several kinds of (...)

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New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa

, by Pambazuka

Produced in collaboration with the ETC Group, this special issue presents a range of articles discussing the staggering developments in bio- and nanotechnology and the alarming implications for the African continent and the global South at large. Firoze Manji and Molly Kane outline the sheer (...)

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