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, by NACLA , BAKSH Amy li

Forward Ever: 40 Years on from the End of the Revolution and the U.S. Invasion of Grenada

In the throes of the Cold War, a tiny Caribbean island dared to wage a revolutionary experiment. As the Revolution imploded, the United States invaded. Grenada’s reckoning with the events of 1983 continues to this day, for both the 50th anniversary of its independence and the 40th anniversary of the violent implosion of the People’s Revolutionary Government and the subsequent US invasion.

, by The conversation , LUNDGREN Svante

Nagorno-Karabakh: the world should have seen this crisis coming – and it’s not over yet

As a result of the Azerbaijani attack on the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh on September 19 and the forced exodus that followed it, this region will soon be empty of Armenians – for the first time in more than two millennia. This was a tragedy that could have been avoided : the global community and its institutions, including the EU, arguably let Azerbaijan get away with its military adventures, which only spurred the country on.

, by OpenDemocracy , SABUROVA Daria

Why Ukrainians should support Palestinians : how can we look at images of Gaza and not see Mariupol or Bakhmut?

As Israel’s assault on Palestine continues, similarities - and conclusions - can be drawn by comparing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Israeli ongoing aggression and colonisation of Palestine. Both wars have deepest roots in history than February 24, 2022 for Ukraine, or October 7, 2023 for Palestine. This article strives to describe de diplomatic tensions underlining the silence from Ukrainian authorities on Palestine, and calls for grassroot solidarity between all oppressed people.

, by TNI , PG Apoorva

Seeing The World Like A Palestinian

Intersectional Struggles Against Big Tech and Israeli Apartheid

With collaboration of Big Tech, Israeli state has rolled out ever more digital tools to spy, surveil and repress Palestinians in order to entrench its apartheid rule. Palestine is at the sharp end of digital colonialism and therefore a critical place for global resistance to begin.

, by Rédaction, WEILL Caroline

Peru is imploding

Castillo’s impeachment, mass protests and lethal repression

The political crisis in Peru is getting worse by the day. Since 2016, instability has taken over this South American country. On December 7th, Castillo announced he would dissolve the Congress, which in turned voted him out of office. The political crisis in Peru is severe, mass protests are taking over the country, and are been met with lethal repression.

, by The conversation , BALDWIN Andrew

Why we should abandon the concept of the ‘climate refugee’

It is entirely reasonable to assume that as climate change intensifies, it will result in more human migration and displacement. Images of Bangladeshis seeking refuge from the latest cyclone or Californians fleeing suburban wildfires affirm a sense that climate change is driving the next great migration. And yet the great paradox of climate migration is that there is no such as thing as a “climate migrant” or “climate refugee”.

, by The conversation , DANNENBAUM Tom, DE WAAL Alex, MAXWELL Daniel

Starving civilians is an ancient military tactic, but today it’s a war crime in Ukraine, Yemen, Tigray and elsewhere

A hideous contradiction is playing out in war-torn Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians are starving in cities besieged by Russian forces. Meanwhile, the country’s grain stores are bursting with food, and the government is begging for international assistance to export Ukrainian grain to world markets.

, by Privacy International

The Clearview/Ukraine partnership

How surveillance companies exploit war

Clearview announced it will offer its surveillance tech to Ukraine. It seems no human tragedy is off-limits to surveillance companies looking to sanitise their image.