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, by NACLA , DUDA Nyki

“Somos Sur”: Mapuche and Palestinian Chileans Stand in Solidarity with Gaza

Latin American leaders are split on Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. But in Chile, the Palestinian diaspora - the largest one outside the Middle East -, Indigenous communities and others have come together to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Demonstrators waved the Mapuche Wenufoye and Ancient Mapuche flags alongside Palestinian flags, next to a banner that read: “Our resistance has no limits.”

, by The conversation , GHADERY Farnoush

In Iran and beyond, arrests of singers and dancers show how music can be a powerful tool of resistance

Music has long been a tool for social justice. Its power to inspire social change has not gone unnoticed by oppressive powers in charge. This is evident in Iran’s persecution of artists and singers following the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022, as well as in the "music ban" in Taliban Afghanistan. Other feminist artists have risen across the world to give voice to social movements of freedom and equality, sparking trends on social media and inspiring millions.

, by Africa is a Country , MBAYE Bashir Lo

Nothing good comes of France

France is not a new problem for Africa. Since the 19th century, its stood in the way of the continent’s self-determination. This article offers a thorough historical and economical review of the impacts of French rule and neocolonialism on its ex-colonies independence and development.

, by OpenDemocracy , SABUROVA Daria

Why Ukrainians should support Palestinians : how can we look at images of Gaza and not see Mariupol or Bakhmut?

As Israel’s assault on Palestine continues, similarities - and conclusions - can be drawn by comparing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Israeli ongoing aggression and colonisation of Palestine. Both wars have deepest roots in history than February 24, 2022 for Ukraine, or October 7, 2023 for Palestine. This article strives to describe de diplomatic tensions underlining the silence from Ukrainian authorities on Palestine, and calls for grassroot solidarity between all oppressed people.

, by Rédaction, WEILL Caroline

Peru is imploding

Castillo’s impeachment, mass protests and lethal repression

The political crisis in Peru is getting worse by the day. Since 2016, instability has taken over this South American country. On December 7th, Castillo announced he would dissolve the Congress, which in turned voted him out of office. The political crisis in Peru is severe, mass protests are taking over the country, and are been met with lethal repression.

Watch the roundtable presenting Passerelle Collection’s n°22

"Democracies Under Pressure. Authoritarianism, Repression, Struggles"

You can watch here the roundtable discussing the latest issue of Passerelle Collection Democracies Under Pressure. Authoritarianism, Repression, Struggles, which was held online on Wednesday, May 19th 2021 on ritimo’s PeerTube account.

, by MASSIAH Gustave

Getting out of neoliberalism

Neoliberalism is in crisis but still dominating. Position concerning neoliberalism plays a major political role. We could confirm it recently in all countries of Maghreb and Machrek. After 2011, the new cycle of struggles and revolutions has offered and is still offering great hopes. They (...)

The People’s Social Forum: Coming in 2014

Le Forum Social des Peuples (Canada, 2014)

Résumé en français : Retour sur l’énorme succès du premier rassemblement pour l’organisation du Forum social des Peuples du Canada qui aura lieu en 2014. Ce weekend préparatoire s’est tenu les 26 et 27 janvier à l’Université d’Ottawa et réunissait des représentants de la société civile (...)

, by Mapping the commons

Mapping the Commons of Athens and Istanbul

Cartographier les Communs d’Athènes et Istanbul

Face aux politiques néolibérales, quel rôle les Communs peuvent-ils jouer ? Des citoyens en Grèce d’abord puis à Istanbul ont décidé d’explorer cette question en cartographiant les Communs. Les cartes en ligne et les vidéos rendent visibles les expériences qui soutiennent la vie quotidienne (...)

, by MASSIAH Gustave

The Future of the International Council of World Social Forum

I would like to give here my general assessment of the International Council (IC) question, and its renewal. I am also available to meet with any of the working subgroups depending on their progress and the level of demand.
The preparation of the 2013 WSF will determine the future of the (...)

, by MASSIAH Gustave

Reflections on the European Social Movement

For several years we have been faced with the need to build a European Social Movement, with all its challenges. The European Social Forums were, for a while, an expression of this dynamic. But we must admit that this dynamic is now faltering, due to the changing situation of Europe and in (...)

, by Infochange

Profiting from the needy

By Samir Nazareth

Samir Nazareth questions cause-related marketing which extends a corporation’s markets – for water purification sachets or sanitary napkins — in the guise of providing essential services to the poor.
In Bhopal, Unilever and Population Services International (PSI) are sensitising citizens to (...)

, by LINKS

The Syrian revolt enters a new phase

By Richard Seymour

As Syria’s leader Bashar al-Assad flees the capital, the armed segments of the revolution appear to be inflicting blows on sections of the security apparatus and taking over major cities: the revolution is turning a corner. Robert Fisk reports that a crucial dynamic now is the fracturing of an (...)