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Afrique du Sud : Une coupe du monde de foot à l’arrière-goût de xénophobie

Ce texte, publié originellement en anglais par IRIN, a été traduit par Amélie Boissonnet, traductrice bénévole pour rinoceros.
JOHANNESBURG, 27 mai 2010 (IRIN)- L’Afrique du Sud accueille la première coupe du monde de football qui ait jamais eu lieu sur le continent africain. Cependant l’exaltation (...)

, by Himal Southasian

Casteing about

Over the centuries, the poison of caste has been variously sung about, lamented, protested, outlawed and adjudicated in this region. During that time, the economic and cultural foundations of – and, most of all, the religious sanction for – this abhorrent practice have all been sculpted to (...)

, por Inter Press Service (IPS)

Presidencia de Colombia se define en junio

Las encuestas sobre las elecciones del domingo 30 en Colombia acertaron en que habría segunda vuelta el 20 de junio, pues ningún candidato logró 50 por ciento más uno de los votos, pero mostraban una diferencia entre los favoritos mucho menor que la de las urnas. ¿Qué pasó?
El candidato presidencial (...)

, by TNI , BELLO Walden

Is Corruption the Cause? The Poverty Trap

The “corruption-causes-poverty” narrative has become a standard tool in the hegemonic discourse kit for leaders in some developing countries - where in fact, Waldon Bello argues, it is neoliberal economic policies that are really to blame for poverty. Thailand’s “Red Shirts” are not, however, being (...)

, by IPS

New Software Could Outwit Tehran’s Censors

While the Iranian government has intensified its aggressive efforts to expand Internet filters, Austin Heap, a young programmer in the U.S., says he has developed software that would enable Iranians to evade their censors. Read (...)


Jakob Zuma’s Crocodile Tears in Sweetwaters

Last week Jacob Zuma visited the Sweetwaters shack settlement near Orange Farm in Johannesburg. He informed the nation that his shock at seeing human beings living like pigs had almost reduced him to tears. He also visited the Siyathemba settlement in Balfour where he, like a typical bullying (...)

, by London Review of Books

Mubarak’s Last Breath

Frustration, shame, humiliation: it does not take much for Egyptians to call up these feelings. It’s still often said that ‘what happens in Egypt affects the entire Arab world,’ but nothing much has happened there in years. Egypt has fallen behind Saudi Arabia – not to mention non-Arab countries (...)

, by Frontline

Hazardous Waste: Importing trouble

Lack of mechanisms to monitor the import of hazardous waste and the unchecked waste industry are making India a dump yard. The recent radiological accident in New Delhi’s Mayapuri scrap metal market has raised many questions about the level of monitoring of hazardous waste in India. That India (...)

, by India together

Women’s reservation Bill – the 2010 story

On 9th March 2010, the upper house of the Indian Parliament, the Rajya Sabha, passed the bill on the reservation of 33 percent seats in the Lok Sabha, for India’s women representatives. Opposition to reservations for women in Parliament have centred on at least four points. Step by step (...)

, por Brasil de Fato

Santos e Mockus disputam segundo turno

Observadores denunciam diversos casos de compra de votos em favor de candidato de Uribe

O governista Juan Manuel Santos, do Partido da "U", e Antanas Mockus, do Partido Verde, disputarão o segundo turno das eleições na Colômbia, em 20 de junho. A definição ocorreu neste domingo (30), durante o primeiro turno do pleito para sucessor do atual presidente, Alvaro Uribe.
De acordo com o (...)


Bursting the Brussels Bubble

Written by some of the leading experts on lobbying transparency in Europe, this book provides an eye-opening insight into decision-making within the European Union – and offers a valuable guide to fighting for greater transparency and accountability.
Bursting the Brussels Bubble is a valuable (...)

FSM 2011 à Sénégal : « L’Afrique de la base doit être présente »

Sergio Ferrari, Le Courrier + E-CHANGER

L’échec de l’éducation sur le continent révèle une pédagogie élitiste, estime Joséphine Ouedraogo. Pour la dirigeante d’ENDA, le Forum 2011 à Dakar peut être le lieu d’un rapprochement entre intellectuels et secteur populaire. Dans l’esprit de Joséphine Ouedraogo, les défis immédiats posés aux mouvements (...)

, by Tehelka

Why The Valley Blooms

A lifetime of death and loss is driving thousands of young Kashmiris to drug abuse. Across Kashmir, tens of thousands of young men and women who have failed to cope with the cumulative effects of trauma in their daily lives are escaping to drug abuse and alcoholism. Parvaiz Bukhari reports on a (...)

, by Global Voices

Egypt: Crackdown on Peaceful Pro-democracy Protests

On the second anniversary of the first call for civil disobedience in the history of modern Egypt, new protests broke out through out the country. Egyptian police violently beat and randomly detained people to disperse protests calling for constitutional reform. Read more here and here
Also (...)

, by India together

Politics: In need of revival

The decline of politics and of intellectual discourse is related to the struggle between politics and economics as the arbiter of the moral commons and the role of the developmental state in this fight, writes Rajesh Kasturirangan. ead (...)

, by Frontline

Sardar Sarovar Project ‘The struggle cannot be over’

MEDHA PATKAR, the 56-year-old leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), is fighting what she calls the “final battle”. After close to three decades of protests against the damming of the Narmada river, she is battling against the Gujarat government’s attempt to raise the height of the Sardar (...)