dph, a methodology based on exchanges of experience

Dialogues, Proposals, Stories for Global Citizenship

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dph (Dialogues, Proposition, Histoires - Dialogues, Proposals, Stories) is the result of a joint initiative between the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Mankind (FPH) and Ritimo. FPH has always campaigned for a balance between thought and action. It has promoted, since the mid-1980s, the international exchange of experiences, as the basis for “knowledge which informs action”. It is from this perspective that it has supported the creation and enrichment of the dph database of experiences, a project led by Ritimo.

Since 2009, the 9000 records of experiences and analyses, as well as articles provided by international civil society actors, are available on the resource website www.d-p-h.info in four languages (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese).

For a broader and simpler search, the files, available online since 2011, may also be accessed directly from the Ritimo website. Find dph files here

An additional outcome of this adventure is a community of documentary resource websites (COREDEM) which Ritimo leads and participates in. More information at www.coredem.info

For all the files, and the tools and methods used in this adventure, see: