UK could save money with radical plan to tackle climate change and inequality

, by The New Economics Foundation (nef)

A year on from the collapse of major banks, and less than 50 days before the UN Climate Change talks in Copenhagen, the new economics foundation is providing policymakers with the first comprehensive blueprint for an economy based on stability, prosperity, fairness, sustainability and well-being.

nef (the new economics foundation) predicted that the world would soon enter a major economic crisis. Now, the think-tank is setting out an innovative programme of social and economic change – The Great Transition – to meet the challenges of climate change, inequality and economic instability, and to create a society that is better for us all.

The Great Transition provides a blueprint for how the UK can take big, radical steps toward a society and economy that delivers long, happy and equitable lives and fits within the planet’s carrying capacity. It shows that while the UK’s conventional GDP may fall by a third, by making better use of what we have, the drop will be more than offset by increases in real social and environmental value. Avoided environmental costs and the proven benefits of a more equal society provide the counterbalance. Read more