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Towards a Plural, Critical and Diverse Information

Ritimo’s activities aim at mobilizing for international solidarity, by providing information based on plural, critical and diverse sources. Ritimo values the perspective of those who make changes happen in France and throughout the world.

In this part of the site, you will find

  • Thematic document collections produced by members of the Ritimo network. These dossiers go straight to the core of fundamental questions related to international solidarity and the future of our societies. They were conceived as a way to support understanding, communication and action, and offer suggestions for further activities.
  • "Country dossiers" which provide analysis of important elements of the past and the present in order to grasp specific questions on countries in crisis or evolving quickly.
  • Dossiers labelled dph, written by our international partners, sharing their points of view on questions related to their own society, and geographic and cultural context, as well as on the important challenges for our common future.
  • Articles from the international review project Rinoceros, selected from our partners’ websites and news sources throughout the world. These dossiers and articles are available in one of the four languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish. As much as possible, they are translated into French so as to facilitate access to our the international partners’ analyses and proposals for the French-speaking community .

All of this information can be searched by issue, region, keyword or author. Advanced Search is available (using Scrutari) to improves the relevance of search results.


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  • Pour l’interopérabilité des géants du Web ! Lettre commune de 45 organisations

    La Quadrature du Net demande au gouvernement et au législateur d’agir pour que les grandes plateformes (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…) deviennent interopérables avec les autres services Internet.

  • Contre le G7, pour un autre monde ! mobilisations du 19 au 26 août à Hendaye-Irun

    Du 19 au 26 août, des initiatives alternatives sont organisées au Pays Basque. Communiqué des plateformes nationale et basque.

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