The Iraq Debacle: The Legacy of Seven Years of War

, by CODEPINK - Women Say No to War

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, mark the August 31st partial withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq with the following evaluation and recommendations:
 The U.S. occupation of Iraq continues and the reduction of U.S. troops in Iraq can at best be called only a rebranded occupation.
 The U.S. military’s overthrow of the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein did not lead to a better life for Iraqis—just the opposite.
 The majority of the refugees and internally displaced persons created by the US intervention have been abandoned.
 Iraq still does not have a functioning government. Many months after the March 7 elections, there is still a political vacuum and violence that is killing roughly 300 civilians a month. There is no functioning democracy in place and little sign there will be one in the near future.
 The Iraq War has left a terrible toll on the U.S. troops.
 The war has drained our treasury.
 The U.S. officials who got us into this disastrous war on the basis of lies have not been held accountable.
 The war has led to the pillaging of Iraqi resources and institutionalization of corruption.
 The war has not made us more secure.

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