Taoufik Ben Abdallah: Brazil’s experience can inspire Tunisia

, by Ciranda (EN)

The Tunisian Taoufik Ben Abdallah has lived in Dakar for many years. As the news about the conflict in Tunisia began to spread, he was working on the organization of the World Social Forum, whose next edition was taking place in that Senegalian capital. As member of the International Council of the WSF and the African Social Forum, he watched from there Ben Ali’s fall and the revolutionary winds that weaved over Northern Africa. He recalls: "The will of being in my country was so strong, but I couldn’t". The fall of another dictator of the region, the Egyptian Hosni Mubarak, coincided with WSF’s last day, having its participants from different countries celebrating in Dakar the victory of the feasting people at the Tahrir Square, Cairo. "I got the picture that it wasn’t a single moment. Changes were just beginning to happen".

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