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We, at ritimo, gather strengths, means and skills to produce, fund and disseminate information that is free from market constraints, from the tutelage of the main economic actors and from obstruction to free dissemination.

We believe that through information, every one can build their own opinion in order to consciously get involved and act on a daily basis for a fairer world with more solidarity.

We offer independent, plural and in-depth analyses, often translated into French from committed sources and social movements all over the world, that help us decipher the great challenges of our time. In our resource centers, you can browse through more than 40.000 documents in complement to the information freely accessible on our web page.

If you enjoy our work, if you find it useful, if you share our struggles for social and environmental justice, and for a fairer and more equitable world, you’ve found the right place!

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Our financial resources are made of public subsidies, private contributions and our own resources.
To count on our own resources is crucial to obtain and complete the subsidies that never cover more than 80% of our expenses, but it is also crucial to cultivate our independence.
Our expanses for editorial and documentary work are mainly the staff’s wages and editorial expanses (graphic design, lay out, hosting, maintenance, web development).
Our annual accounts are published in the Journal Officiel.