Strategic issues of the global crisis

The international debate and the alter-globalist movement’s approach

, by LUSSON Julien, MASSIAH Gustave

The London G20 summit was as disappointing as expected. Several declarations were
of course of interest insofar as they seem opposite to the policy principles of past years.
Let us take note of them and not hesitate to remind the G20 about the promises on
regulation. An initial question puts a damper on our optimism: can we really trust the
leaders of the G20 to establish new regulation and to accept the consequences? For the
moment, it doesn’t seem so. The dominant impression is that, without an agreement on
stimulation plans, the leaders hope—or let us believe—that the crisis will calm down in
2010 and that they can see then whether they will have to go further into the idea of
substantial regulation of the global economy.