Safe, sustainable water for all (Arghyam)

Arghyam is a public charitable foundation setup with an endowment from Rohini Nilekani and working in the water sector since 2005. ‘Arghyam’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Offering’.

The emphasis is on equity and sustainability. Addressing the issues of the poor and the vulnerable in accessing water for their basic daily needs is a priority for it. Addressing these issues in a manner that is environmentally sustainable is important if the outcome is to be effective over time. Arghyam believes that the key to achieving this is in better water management which requires effective governance.

Specifically, Arghyam projects strive to understand and address issues of quantity, quality and access to domestic water in communities across the country. Some of the key principles which guide its efforts include the recognition of lifeline water as a basic need and right, decentralization, community participation and ownership, an integrated approach to managing water from source to sink, an emphasis on subsidiarity (which means managing water locally) and the effective use of technology as enabler.

Arghyam works through a combination of project grants to grass roots organizations, knowledge building and sharing through the India Water Portal, promoting new models of water science, technology and system design, participatory action research and advocacy.

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