Recovering internationalisme, Creating the new global solidarity

Institute of Social Studies, January-March 2008, Creative Commons

Peter Waterman (London 1936) is a veteran activist-researcher in and on labour, social movements, the old and new internationalisms. Amongst his recent previous books have been Globalisation, Social Movements and the New Internationalisms (London/New York, 1998/2001) and Los nuevos tejidos nerviosos del internacionalismo y la solidaridad (Lima, 2006). He is a co-editor, with Jai Sen, New Delhi, and others, of a series of compilations on the World Social Forum. The present collection consists of papers written since his New Internationalisms. They fall under the heads of Labouring People and Unions, Women and Feminism, Communication and Culture, the Global Justice Movement and World Social Forum. An autobiographical Conclusion reflects on Communism as a predecessor of the latest wave of internationalist social movements. Peter is presently engaged with other experiments in computerised and on-line publishing. He is also writing a full-length autobiography.