Post-War Reconstruction in Sri Lanka. Prospects and Challenges

By D Herath, K Höglund, Prof. M Schulz, and Prof. K Tudor Silva, ICES, Colombo, 272+xvii pp

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) launched its latest publication on Post War Reconstruction: Prospects and Challenges on the 16th of December 2010. This is one of the first books published locally or international on Reconstruction in Sri Lanka. This volume is edited by Dr. Dhammika Herath, Prof. Kristine Höglund, Prof. Michael Schulz, and Prof. Kalinga Tudor Silva.

This book consists of a collection of papers from the first ever conference on “Peace and Development in Sri Lanka” which took place in Kandy, 23-25 August 2009. The purpose of the conference was to bring together and initiate a process of dialogue among local and international researchers and doctoral students, who study peace and development issues in Sri Lanka, and practitioners seeking to address the same issues. The practitioner side was represented by professionals engaged in peace and development through their work in International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and government institutions. The papers in this book reflect the participants’ practical experience and research findings stemming from ongoing research projects and the book lays a heavy emphasis on the potential for reconstruction, reconciliation and development in the war-affected regions of Sri Lanka.

This work will be of interest and practical utility to academics, policy-makers and practitioners in government, non-governmental or donor institutions in their efforts to guide the rebuilding processes in the northeast of Sri Lanka.

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