This document was a collaborative effort by Alliance for Democracy, Council of Canadians, Earth Law Center, Food & Water Watch, Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy and the International Indian Treaty Council.

The Road to Rio+20: Why You Should Care and What You Can Do

From June 20–22, 2012 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, heads of state, UN agencies, and global stakeholders will convene for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) — commonly known as “Rio+20.”
The world is at a crossroads: the convergence of global economic meltdown and unchecked global warming is driving action in the streets, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement. We must seize this momentum and use Rio+20 to force a paradigm shift.

Environmental and economic justice are intrinsically linked. Market-based strategies that commodify all of nature have increased inequality and failed to reduce emissions or protect ecosystems. In particular, this includes the falsely labeled international push for a “green economy,” which serves as a Trojan horse for further destruction of nature.

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