Nuclear Power: Powerful Groups Skew debate and Cover Up True Extent of Health Risks

By Sadie Robinson


As the row over nuclear power grows, Sadie Robinson spoke to scientist and activist Dr Helen Caldicott about the dangers of nuclear power, the powerful interests that back it and how we can win a better world.

The environmentalist George Monbiot has recently spent his time attacking anti-nuclear campaigners. He claims they misrepresent scientific research and lie about the health risks of radiation.

In his Guardian articles, Monbiot has accused scientist Dr Helen Caldicott of exaggerating these risks.

“It’s extremely arrogant, ill-informed and dangerous to talk like that,” said Helen. “I’ve always respected and admired Monbiot’s writings, particularly on global warming. But you must not speak unless you’re well-informed.”

Monbiot has quoted the parts he likes from research and ignored the rest. He now cites pro-nuclear writers like Mark Lynas as credible sources—yet he was attacking Lynas just a few months ago.

Helen has studied nuclear power and the health impact of radiation for 40 years. One of Monbiot’s major claims is that she doesn’t provide references for her assertions.

In fact, her book on nuclear power details numerous studies that show links between radiation and disease.

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