Nanotech’s mega hazard

By Dinsa Sachan

, by Down to earth

Nanoparticles are harmful, but India is yet to regulate their use

NANOTECHNOLOGY has revolutionised industry. It is used to improve wide ranging products, from cosmetics, toys and toothpastes to textiles and missiles. Industry thinks the technology holds promise to change every facet of life in some way.

Substances at nano scale, or nanoparticles, demonstrate novel physiochemical properties compared to larger particles of the same substance. Their use thus helps improve products. But their safety to human health and the environment has not been under-stood well.

To encourage use of nanoparticles, build capacity and promote research, the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) launched Nano Mission in 2007 under the 11th Five Year Plan. It is set to end in 2012, but there is no policy yet to regulate use of nanoparticles.

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