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The online magazine harnesses current academic research with real-time reporting to address pressing social concerns. Each day, we offer you information and possible solutions to concerns in areas such as education, politics, the environment, economics, urban affairs and health so you can join our lively global conversation based on work by researchers, leaders and journalists.

Our print magazine, Miller-McCune, draws on academic research and other definitive sources to provide reasoned policy options and solutions for today’s pressing issues. Articles and other material that appear in the magazine are posted at

Given the explosive and exponential growth in research and data, we strive to be an "honest broker," a personal editor for our visitors. While individual articles may suggest a policy or solution associated with a particular party or ideology, as a whole we promise to be nonpartisan.

At the same time, since so much research and policy work is, well, difficult to read and therefore difficult to act on, we hope to honor its underlying importance through the liberal application of excellent writing, piercing wit and clear explanation. At the same time, we will direct you to the research that underpins what we present.

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