Lessons from Copenhagen: A Selection

The blame game

 Martin Khor, Blame Denmark, not China, for Copenhagen failure, The Guardian: The decision to override the multilateral process and hold a secret meeting of select nations ruined any chance of success
 Mark Lynas (British, adviser to the Maldives delegation), How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room, The Guardian
 Chinese premier Wen Jiabao’s version: Premier Wen’s 60 hours in Copenhagen, Xinhua - China Daily
 Bernarditas de Castro Muller (negociator for G77), Pressure on poor at Copenhagen led to failure, not diplomatic wrangling, The Guardian: The summit was a culmination of attempts by rich countries to steamroller the G77 into accepting a deal not in their interests
 Jayati Ghosh, Beyond ecological imperialism, The Guardian: “The row over climate change isn’t just a battle between rich and poor, it illustrates the futility of obsession with economic growth”
 Johann Hari, The Truths Copenhagen ignored, The Independent

The debate over China

 China: how did copenhagen end up our fault?, Chinese bloggers’ views as reported by Global Voices
 John Lee, China fears climate change openness, The Guardian: Beijing, which fears that external monitoring might reveal internal dysfunction, was backed into a corner by the US at Copenhagen
 Tang Wei, The end of idealism, chinadialogue.net
 Cao Haili, When China said ’No’, chinadialogue.net
 Walden Bello, China:The Prince of Denmark, Foreign Policy in Focus/Transnational Institute
 Qin Xuan, Time for a Plan, chinadialogue.net

Views from Africa

 Patrick Bond, How to cure the post-Copenhagen hangover, Transnational Institute
 Dale T. McKinley, Copenhagen and the South African Experience: Allegorical Parallels on the Global Stage, The South African Civil Society Information Service
 William Gumede, Copenhagen is a disaster for Africa, The Guardian: African countries, worst hit by the effects of climate change, were bullied into a deal that does little to help them
 Ama Biney, System change not climate change

Views from India

From the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in New Delhi and its magazine Down to Earth, an account laying the blame heavily on the US and other Western Countries:
 India should not support the Copenhagen Accord, says CSE
 Sunita Narain, The polluters say they will not pay, Down to Earth editor’s page
 Copenhagen According to USA, Down to Earth cover story

For a more critical point of view on India’s role, read Praful Bidwai, Copenhagen cop out, After our Copenhagen self-goal, Fouling up the air, Transnational Institute

Analyses from the Global Justice movement and NGOs (some of them)

 Bill McKibben, Copenhangover: Rallying for Next Steps, Mother Jones magazine
 Naomi Klein, For Obama, No Opportunity Too Big To Blow
 Michelle Pressend, Copenhagen Accord Makes Sham of Global Environmental Justice, The South African Civil Society Information Service
 Richard Heinberg, The meaning of Copenhagen, PostCarbon Institute
 David Dickson, Copenhagen shows the shape of things to come, SciDev.net