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International Seminar - For Free Information and Open Internet : independent journalists, community media and hacktivists take action

Paris : 23 – 25 November 2014

Ritimo is holding an International Seminar from the 23rd to the 25th of November 2014 for the release of the latest issue of the Passerelle Collection : “For Free Information and Open Internet : independent journalists, community media and hacktivists take action”. This seminar is part of the World Forum of Free Media process.

The seminar will feature meetings and roundtable discussions on the ways in which we communicate and inform ourselves. The use of information and communication technology (ICT) and the Internet is shaking up traditional media from the production stage right through to dissemination of information. Given that technological evolution is outlining a new media model for the 21st century, it is important to have an understanding of the technological landscape at hand in order to take stock of the current issues.



2.30 pm : Discussion on the Free Media Charter (meeting uniquely for organisations involved in the World Forum of Free Media [WFFM]).

4.30 pm : Opening remarks : Danielle Moreau, Chairwoman of the Ritimo network.
Preparation for the 4th WFFM (meeting uniquely for organisations involved in the WFFM).

7 pm : Presentation of the Transmesh Project (Andrea Plöger and Christian Schröder – Germany).


10.30 am : Meeting on open source tools (websites, collaborative tools for writing, meeting and chatting, among others) within the WFFM. 

2.30 pm : Roundtable n°1 : “What is the future of ’community’ radio in the age of globalisation and information ?”

In a world where illiteracy and the digital divide still exists, community and associative radio play a fundamental role in providing local information, popular education and culture in communities. It is, in this respect, the guardian of freedom of expression and the right to communication. The transition to digital terrestrial has been disruptive for this mass media. The debate will explore the role and place of community radio at a time where Internet-based media and multimedia information are multiplying. How can we rekindle younger generations’ interest in participative media in the face of online segmentation, streamlining and individualisation ?

With :

  • Nozha Ben Mohamed, Radio 6 Tunis (Tunisia)
  • Imane Bounjara, E-joussour, Morrocan information portal (Morocco)
  • Emmanuel Boutterin, vice-chairman of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (Amarc) (France)
  • Eric Labaj, director at Radio Grésivaudan, Secretary of Coordination des radios associatives non commerciales de Rhone-Alpes (CRANC.ra) (Coordination of non-commercial radio stations in Rhone-Alpes [France])

7.30 pm : Roundtable n°2 : “Finding a new way to govern the Internet : current issues and challenges.”

Decisions made today and over the coming years regarding Internet governance will determine the way in which we use digital networks, and with how much freedom. One of the most obvious issues raised by digital technologies since the late 1980s is the domination of a handful of multinational corporations – Google, Apple, Microsoft, to name just a few – over technologies. How do civil society and hacktivist organisations suggest rethinking the regulation of the network, in the fight against economic power’s attempt to commodify it, so as to experience a free, decentralised and technologically-neutral Internet ?

With :

  • Beatriz Barbosa, Intervozes (Brazil)
  • François Soulard, Traversées (Argentina)
  • Stéphane Couture, researcher at McGill University (Canada)
  • Benjamin Sontag, La Quadrature du net (France) – (to be confirmed)
    Debate moderated by Erika Campelo, Ritimo


10 am : Presentation of the process behind the World Charter of Free Media and online consultation tool.

With :

  • Mohamed Leghtas, E-joussour, Moroccan information portal (Morocco)
  • Rafael Gomes da Cruz, (Brazil)
  • Erika Campelo, Ritimo (France)

11 am : Workshop “Constructing the Free Media Charter”
Run by :

  • Beatriz Barbosa, Intervozes (Brazil)
  • Rita Freire, journalist and facilitator from Ciranda Shared Communication (Brazil)

7.30 pm : Roundtable n°3 : “How the Internet and social networks (de)construct information ?” (registration required)

By offering everyone easy and affordable access to a global network, the Internet allows people to create, receive, exchange and comment on information, resulting in the development of social networks and fostering the emergence of alternative media.
In this respect, the Internet offers powerful tools for participation in the public debate. There is unprecedented potential, with new forms of narration, a new hierarchy of content, and the need to redefine what it means to be an expert or a mediator. How can these new media processes, free from the constraints of the traditional media, shift from being a tool of expression to a tool of information ? What is required for citizen information to be qualitative and reliable ? This debate will also consider the role of the journalist, the significance of information mediation and the ability of readers to navigate a system where the flow of information is abundant, immediate and constant.

With :

  • Dominique Cardon, sociologist at Orange Labs’ Laboratoire des usages and research associate at Centre d’études des mouvements sociaux (Social movements research centre) (CEMS/EHESS) (France)
Agnès Rousseau, journalist at ! (France)
  • Albert du Roy, journalist and author of La mort de l’information (France)
  • Rita Freire, journalist and facilitator from Ciranda Shared Communication (Brazil)
    Debate moderated by Bernard Salamand, Ritimo

Practical Information

Free entry. Registration required for the debate on Tuesday 25th November :

With the exception of Tuesday evening’s debate which will take place at Maison des Métallos, the seminar will be held at Auberge Pajol.

- Auberge Pajol : 27, rue Pajol - 75018 Paris
Mº line 2 : La Chapelle
- Maison des Métallos : 94, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud - 75011 Paris
Mº line 2 : Couronnes
Mº line 3 : Parmentier


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