Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC)


INECC is a loosely structured national network comprising of individuals and organisation representatives interested in the climate issue from a micro-macro perspective. It connects the issues of climate change to larger sustainable development and social justice concerns. In this context INECC perceives policy changes in favour of communities who are most impacted by the climate crisis.

The key objectives of INECC are :

• To facilitate the voice of the marginalized majority from specific local contexts to be considered for policy action ;

• To undertake research and documentation on the issues relating to climate change, sustainable communities and its implications especially for marginalised communities ;

• To undertake educational and other programmes with, and on behalf, of marginalized social groups and communities on causes, responses and other dimensions of climate justice.

• To explore and undertake pilot initiatives towards promotion of sustainable development technologies and practices ;

• To focus on environmental ethics for individual and social action

• To shape perceptions of the youth around this agenda specifically on the key issue of social justice

Activities of INECC

• INECC, through its partners is involved in demonstrative models on grassroots mitigation and adaptation processes. Based on this experience INECC has been arguing for ensuring a link between development and energy access through relevant technologies for a low carbon pathway.

• On the youth front, INECC is facilitating youth action across urban, rural and tribal contexts on the climate change issue to advocate a new paradigm to sustainable development. In this context the youth wing of INECC has been involved with organising youth convention/ activist meetings, relating to media and representatives of local self governance. ’Yuva Drishti’ is now a hallmark of INECC youth wing.

• On mainstreaming climate change, INECC has been involved by promoting relevant education materials and processes for climate education through the network partners.

• Furthermore INECC has been promoting field based vulnerability assessments in order to understand impacts and adaptation measures from a localised perspective.

• At the national and international level INECC has undertaken CSO advocacy initiatives. Some of the thrust areas at the national level are with respect to creating awareness on key missions of the NAPCC. Internationally, network representatives have been participating at the CoPs.

• Nurturing linking and learning processes with other actors across sectors as well as engage with scientists, academicians, bureaucrats, media on the climate debate.

Adress : Convenor Nafisa Goga D’Souza, C/o. Laya [Secretariat], 501 Kurupam Castle,East Point Colony, Visakhapatnam – 530 017, Andhra Pradesh

Phone : 0891 2548071, 2735332

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