Export of electronics equipment waste

Joseph Ladou, Sandra Lovegrove, janvier 2008, 10 p. (pdf)

Electronics equipment waste (“e-waste”) includes discarded
computers, computer monitors, television sets,
and cell phones. Less than 10% of e-waste is currently
recycled. The United States and other developed
countries export e-waste primarily to Asia, knowing it
carries a real harm to the poor communities where it
will be discarded. A 2006 directive bans the use of lead,
mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and certain
brominated flame retardants in most electronics products
sold in the EU. A similar directive facilitates the
development and design of clean electronics products
with longer lifespans that are safe and easy to repair,
upgrade, and recycle, and will not expose workers and
the environment to hazardous chemicals.

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