Defending the Commons, Territories and the Right to Food and Water

Land Research Action Network

, by Focus on the global south

LRAN Briefing Paper Series no. 2

On World Food Day, it is estimated that almost a billion people around the world are now suffering from hunger and malnutrition - a dramatic rise in number since the soaring food prices over the last three years. Of these, about half are estimated to live in smallholder farming households, while roughly two-tenths are landless, another tenth are pastoralists, fisherfolk, and forest users, and the remainder live in the cities. This crisis of world hunger is set to deepen as livelihood resources such as land and water continue to be transferred from such groups to the financially powerful in ever larger areas and longer timeframes.

In support of social movements and grassroots activists working to defend the rights of local people to land and natural resources and to re-orient policies towards food sovereignty in a new era of fuel scarcity, climate volatility, and economic readjustment, the Land Research Action Network (LRAN) launches its second series of briefing papers in contribution to the Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform (GCAR). This series takes up the theme of Defending the Commons, Territories and the Right to Food and Water.

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