Case studies in Women’s Empowerment from the West, South and East

, by Wide Network

WIDE recognises that while women are bearing the brunt of the asymmetries of globalisation, they are also at the forefront of resistance.

While some are advocating for change at the policy level, demanding that the BPfA, CEDAW and other well-tooled international instruments are used to promote gender equality as a universal goal of development and trade, women are also engaged in important efforts to build their own alternatives at local, national and regional levels.

WIDE, in close collaboration with other feminist organisations and networks like IGTN, is seeking to document and share those initiatives and examples of resistance that help transform patriarchal values, norms and the gender power relations impinging on women.

This series, originally prepared in the framework of WIDE´s economic literacy project as a tool for use in the context of capacity-building workshops, highlights some struggles and initiatives led by women today in the South, North, East and West. These experiences reveal how women, through these initiatives, have been empowered at many levels. They also show how sometimes spontaneous initiatives have paved the way towards more equality and social justice.