Asian Peasant Coalition

The ASIAN PEASANT COALITION (APC) emerged from the Asian Peasant Conference that took place in March 2003 in the Philippines. It took a very strong anti-imperialist stand and symbolized the strengthening and further consolidation of peasant movements throughout Asia.

What is APC ?

APC is an Asia-wide peasant coalition of farmers, landless peasants, fisherfolks, , agricultural workers, dalit, indigenous peoples, herders and pastoralists, including the women and youth across these sectors. It has more than 15 million members representing 21 organizations coming from 9 countries in Asia such as Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

APC fosters close relationship with all democratic and progressive people’s movements towards gathering their support for the plight of the peasants of the region. Likewise, it also support the struggles of all the toiling masses in the world.

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